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You will enjoy every moment of your timif your life is well balanced. What we all need is a perfect work-life balance.

You need to bphysically fit, mentally active, 

emotionally and spiritually happy. Only then you

will enjoy your life.  

Most people think money will make them happy. Actually it's not money that you really want, you are in search of HAPPINESS.    

Remember this word, happiness. That's what we all need.

You may have guessed it right. We are in the business of life coaching.

Our office is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  It doesn't matter if you are not living in Dhaka. And not even in Bangladesh.

Also, it's irrelevant if you are a Bangladeshi or not. We are all living in the age of the internet.  Through B4Balance, we provide an online service in most situations. We also meet clients face to face. 

We have gained broad range of knowledge and wide experience as generalists and can coach superbly on any aspect of life. We specialize in one or more of the following areas :

  • Job search
  • Career development
  • Career change
  • Concentrating on work
  • Focusing on a project/ assignment
  • Confidence, self worth and self esteem
  • Love and romance
  • Loving relationships that work
  • Adjusting in the workplace
  • Balancing your life
  • Self Care - getting your own needs fulfilled
  • Setting life objective
  • Living your purpose
  • Managing anger, upsets, frustration and stress
  • Managing grief, loss, sadness, etc.
  • Managing change
  • Successful parenting
  • Establishing yourself as an artist
  • Developing your career as an artist
  • Establishing yourself as a sportsman/ athlete
  • Developing your career as a sportsman/ athlete
  • Establishing yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Developing your career as an entrepreneur
  • Repairing a damaged relationship with a family member/ friend/ lover
  • Creating/ developing a relationship with someone very important
  • Adjusting with your team members in the workplace
  • Adjusting with your boss in the workplace
  • Motivating and inspiring your team members in the workplace
  • Controlling staff who work under your supervision/ direction
  • Effectively discharging your responsibility
  • Managing something that appears to be impossible

We consult with you, we discuss with you, we give you ideas and recommendations, but we don't make decisions for you. You make your own decisions. Remember, your life is built on your own decisions. In other words, your life is a direct result of your own decisions [ and your own good/ bad luck ].




Career Design International

Career planning + Graduate CV Tk.6,000   

Career Design International

Are you sending out a lot of job applications but not getting an interview?
Or you are getting some interviews but no job offer ...

Getting a job offer has never been easy. You need to have an effective CV and good knowledge of the job market.

We are able to help. We have provided service to over 2,600 jobseekers and careerists in Australia. Presently we 
are servicing jobseekers in the Bangladesh market.

This offer includes -
Detailed career consultation and formulation of a career plan +
CV review and editing/ writing so that you get an advantage in the job market.

Call: 01784 393 622 to organise a meeting.
Alternatively, we can set up a free consultation (maximum 15 minutes)

Some clients prefer online services. 
If this is your choice, please e-mail your CV to
We will send you a reply e-mail with price, terms and conditions.
Please send your CV now and take advantage of this special offer.